The world isn’t flat, it’s round – and so is your supply chain

Focusing solely on the production line leads you to see the world as flat however the world of manufacturing is round. It’s circular! There are feedback loops that create added dynamism and open up new possibilities for manufacturers to engage with their customers and suppliers in much deeper and more intelligent ways. 

Looking outside the factory and engaging with suppliers far down the supply chain, and all way up to and beyond the final customer, gives you the ability to be smarter and more responsive to market needs.

That’s what the “smart” in smart-factory actually means.

It’s not just about the technology – though it’s the technology that enables you to be smart – it’s about how you look at your business and organize 
it on a daily basis. Digital reveals the manufacturing world to be round, but it’s up to you to make the most of that opportunity.  

At Fujitsu, we’re focused on co-creating the smart factory through both technology and intellectual and market insights. That’s how we achieve better outcomes, by understanding that we’re dealing with an interactive, customer-centric journey.

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