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Digital Transformation at Bayer
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‘Digital Transformation at Bayer’

Saskia Steinacker

Global Head of IT Strategy & Digital Transformation

Date: April 22, 2021    
Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Central


Challenging times and a global pandemic remind us of the fundamental importance of our most basic needs: health and nutrition. The converging worlds of genes, cells, data, and technology — known as the bio revolution — represent a generational opportunity for life sciences companies like Bayer.
Join us to learn from Saskia Steinacker, Global Head of IT Strategy & Digital Transformation, how Bayer is accelerating its digital transformation committed to better serving patients, farmers, and consumers. Data and technology will enable more customer-centricity and the development of new business models in pursuit of Bayer’s vision: Health for all, Hunger for none.
It’s all about being human-centric, using trustworthy technologies as concrete enablers to serve customers better and make operations more efficient. It’s what we call A Partnership For A Better Future!
We’ll offer a dedicated 15 minutes of live Q&A with Saskia at the end of the session.

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More About the Speaker
Saskia Steinacker was named Head Strategy & Digital Transformation in October 2019. 2018 she was nominated for the European High Level Expert group for Artificial Intelligence, which supports the implementation of the European strategy on AI. This includes the elaboration of recommendations on future AI-related policy development and on ethical, legal and societal issues related to AI, including socio-economic challenges. Furthermore, she was named “Digital Leader of the Year” by the Women in IT Awards in 2019. She is also serving on the Presidency Committee of the European Association of the Internet Industry and well as a board member of the YMCA of the USA’s National Board. She graduated from Ecosign Academy with a degree in Communication Design and holds a master’s in business administration from Liverpool University.


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