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Geographic Information System

Geographic Information System


Traditionally, GIS has had a solid presence in organizations dealing with all aspects of land, resources, assets, and infrastructure management in market sectors such as government (all levels), utilities, transportation, natural resources, environment, and oil & gas. But in recent years, it has expanded rapidly in new sectors including, insurance, health, security, logistics, and others.

As a result of exposure to publicly available GIS applications like Google Maps, most businesses today realize that many of their business processes can be largely improved by including GIS or spatial capability.

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Fujitsu GIS - The benefits


What makes Fujitsu GIS different?

The Fujitsu GIS team offers complete solutions and consulting services, including master plans, feasibility studies, architecture, systems development, and implementation, maintenance and support, training, change management, hosting, business plans, and user services.

  • 35 years of GIS experience
  • 500 projects completed in over 30 countries
  • 100 specialists in the field backed by more than 2000 business and information technology experts
  • Presence in 6 locations, including 2 fully functional solution centers allowing remote development

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