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FUJITSU Work Life Shift

The Work Life Shift Opportunity

There has been a seismic change in the way we work. The pandemic has accelerated the decoupling of work from place, especially office space. The idea that ‘work is not a place you go to, it’s what you do, anywhere’ used to be an aspiration, a trend, and an objective. Now it’s a reality.

The unique role of digital in how you can adapt and thrive can’t be overstated. It’s vital to the applications and tools which enable you to achieve your objectives and, most importantly, support and empower your people wherever and whenever they want to work.

We’ve curated a wide range of insights and opinions to equip you with the information you need to act decisively and confidently on the objectives that matter most to your business in these challenging times.

The shift touches all sectors

Fundamental change is affecting all sectors not just the traditionally office-bound organizations. The Work Life Shift is changing the way remote workers, sales teams, service engineers, and anyone who interacts with the public carry out their task.

That demands a fundamental reimagination of how organizations work. You need to rethink how your people interact within their teams, ecosystems, partners and, ultimately, with customers.

We’ve been reimagining the future of different sectors with the help of our research partners and other specialists, and we’ve brought together insights and predictions which will help you reframe the way you see the future of your workforce and your business.

The Work Life Shift is critical to DX

A key element in any DX strategy is ensuring that digital delivers a Workplace Transformation that has no boundaries. Putting people first and enabling them to thrive has long been at the heart of DX thinking, but the pandemic has brought the need for the right tools, devices, connectivity, and corporate culture into much sharper focus.

We’ve put together SIX ACTION POINTS to guide you through the important issues: How you should lead from the front; why you need to create and share a vision of the future workplace that’s aligned with the needs of your people as well as your business; and why you should focus on employee satisfaction to keep the talent you have and attract even more.

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Existing trends just got accelerated

The last decade saw a steady rise in the number of people working from home. Digital enabled people to make choices about how, when, and where they wanted to work. Now that working from home has become an imperative for many of us, it’s clear that there are personal challenges and stresses which have to be addressed and managed.

We’ve collected insights to help you navigate the debate around the decline of the old 9-to-5 culture and the different aspects of not only enabling working from home (and anywhere else) but dealing with the issues that come with it.

And, of course, any claim that the traditional office is dead would be premature.


Borderless Office

By modernizing your workplace, reimagining how physical spaces are used and using insight from data analytics we enable you to gain greater access to talent, ensure your people are at their most productive, while keeping everyone connected to your purpose and the needs of your customers.

Creating a Borderless Office is key to making the Work Life Shift a real benefit to your people. That takes support. FUJITSU’s Borderless Office Solutions can direct support to your people when they want it and in ways that suit their individual needs. They can choose automated help, use webchat, or talk to an expert on the phone. When employees feel supported, they do more, and their sense of wellbeing rises. It’s an important factor in the success of workforce transformation.


Smart Working

Our Smart Working tools, solutions, and technologies free your people from repetitive, mundane tasks so they can focus on aligning to and delivering your organizations goals.

By helping you reimagine how work gets done using Automation, AI and No/Low-Code solutions FUJITSU Smart Working solutions enables you to deliver great customer experiences that scale with demand, while optimizing costs.


Culture Change

Changing your Culture is key to the shift. Cultures shift when an organization’s leadership has the right mindset and when its people are engaged and can share their opinions. That’s why it’s important to find out what your people think and how they want to work, then giving them the training and support to make the most of the technology they use.

We help you listen and understand how the Work Life Shift is affecting every area of your organization. That provides the insights needed to enhance agility, efficiency, and the wellbeing and safety of each employee.

It’s all part of our mix of Culture Change consultancy and solutions. Together they allow us to seamlessly build resilience and flexibility into your organization by empowering people to work with agility and in ways that suit their individual workstyles. That, in turn, helps you serve customers better and faster as well as bring innovations to market at speed.

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