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FUJITSU Work Life Shift

Fujitsu: Powering the Work Life Shift

Our mission is to help you turn the Work Life Shift to your advantage. To harness the benefits of work without borders – in and out of the office – and ensure that smart working delivers tangible value. And culture change that delivers more innovation as well as deeper employee wellbeing and engagement.

Making that happen takes leadership and transformation. Fujitsu will support you as you lead and offers the best solutions to transform your workplace.

Explore, study, and get in touch. We are ready to work with you to make an immediate difference to both your short- and long-term planning.

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Gartner’s Magic Quadrant tells the story

When you’re deciding who to partner with for a journey that must be taken, you need to be certain of their ability to read the map, as well as help you to your destination. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant is based on proven research methodologies to give a clear view of how we measure up as a Workplace Transformation partner.

For five uninterrupted years we’re right where we belong: in the Leading spot that defines our market competence, vision, experience, and ability to offer a powerful ecosystem of solutions to help you create a truly adaptive workforce.

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Borderless Office frees your people to work anywhere and everywhere, anyhow

When work can be done anywhere the traditional workplace loses its physical borders. But that freedom and flexibility also comes with obligations. Even though your people aren’t constrained by physical boundaries, they need to be able to set personal ones. That’s how they can balance their lives to suit their needs.

Our approach makes freedom work for each individual. It drives collaboration, encourages talent to thrive, and improves the agility of your business. It also delivers the security you need to work with confidence.

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Smart Working unleashes talent, drives diversity, and fosters innovation

People thrive when they feel empowered. That’s why it’s vital to focus on the human-centric benefits of any technology you deploy. The focus has to be on enabling people to be more effective, and productive within a more diverse and collaborative environment so they can achieve their personal goals as well as those of the organization.

Our solutions enable your people to be their best individually and in teams. They foster focused work and collaboration by using Ai and automation to take care of routine tasks. That enables people to find new and innovative ways to do their work and, ultimately, be more creative.

Our Smart Working Solutions help you transform the experience of your workplace and how your workforce can achieve value.

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Culture Change inspires workers and gets you closer to customers

People – employees and customers – have to be at the heart of your culture. Digital technologies deliver new ways or working, buying, and selling, but it’s your overall culture that makes them both cohesive and successful.

It’s vital to start with the individual. Employee wellbeing, inclusion, and development is what delivers long-term value. Our solutions are focused on enabling your enterprise to be adaptive, agile, and inclusive. They also mitigate risk, underpin security, and drive innovation. That’s how your customers get great outcomes.

From workforce Data Insights to Artificial Intelligence supporting Microsoft 365 we’ve got the solutions to drive your culture in the direction it needs
to go.

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