Global Financial Services Report

From demanding to discerning: Technology and the new banking customer

Fujitsu’s most recent research into the Financial Service and Insurance sector has uncovered what is really important to consumers when it comes to digital services. And some of the results are quite surprising.

Consumers are quite comfortable with some digital services, but are very sceptical about others.

What is apparent for Financial Services institutions is continually evolving digital services will be critical to retaining customers, whether you are a traditional bank or a challenger bank, a large insurer or a new market entrant.

Download the report and uncover how global Financial Services institutions consumers really feel about the seismic shifts taking place in financial services, and where the sector is heading next:

The report, featuring the views of over 22,640 consumers worldwide, paints a picture of a consumer that’s more demanding, but also more discerning, when it comes to how technology is used in their banking and insurance experience.

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