Fujitsu In-Store Fulfillment Solution

Fujitsu On-Demand Webinar for Retailers

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Improve Operating Margin with Fujitsu’s new In-Store Fulfillment Solution

Listen in as we discuss the challenges the Retail Industry is facing today. We’ll address one specific challenging element of Buy On-line, Pick-up In-Store (BOPIS) execution which is In-Store Fulfillment.


  • Why you need to offer BOPIS
  • What are customer expectations around BOPIS
  • Understand why automation is a key component in reducing fulfillment time and reducing errors 
  • Why ad-hoc, sub-optimized In-Store fulfillment operations supporting BOPIS are costing retailers some or all of their net margin
  • Why we are now in a second generation of BOPIS and what that entails for retailers who want to succeed
  • Why integration with your enterprise systems is important 
  • Thinking beyond BOPIS for a well-designed In-Store Fulfillment solution

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During this webinar we cover: 

  • Three BOPIS imperatives:

    1 – competitors are offering the service, so you also have to offer it.

    2 – customers’ expectations are now set--fast, accurate and in many cases “free” service.

    3 – automation is now an essential and key component to reduce fulfillment time, reduce picking errors and get BOPIS operations firmly into a position of break even if not heading towards operational profitability

  • Ad-hoc, sub-optimized In-Store fulfillment operations supporting BOPIS are costing retailers some or all of their net margin. 

  • We are entering a second generation of BOPIS operations, where it makes sense for retailers to search for the right mix of technology solutions to help them address the rising volumes of BOPIS orders. Rapid adaptation, automation, process management, and technology are going to be a big part of any successful solution.

  • In-Store Fulfillment can be delivered swiftly and cost effectively, as a stand-alone application that integrates easily with enterprise and store level commerce systems.

  • There are multiple additional benefits to a well-designed In-Store Fulfillment solution and adjoining operational processes that can deliver greater overall value, beyond supporting BOPIS execution

This webinar explores ways to streamline your systems around BOPIS so you can focus less on the operational aspects of your business and dedicate the time to creating seamless customer experiences. 


Paul Burel

Sr. Consultant Consumer and Commercial Industries Group

Paul Burel is a senior consultant within Fujitsu America’s Consumer and Commercial Industries Group. Prior to joining Fujitsu, Paul held several senior management roles in Store Operations and IT at Home Depot. Paul is also a consulting engineer with extensive experience in retail store design and construction; he also comes from a family retail business that owned and operated grocery, hardware and convenience stores.


Head of Salesforce Practice & Customer Experience

Parashar is responsible for orchestrating and leading digital transformation journeys for medium to large enterprise clients via Salesforce and other SaaS related technologies focusing on elevating user and customer experience. Specializing in retail and financial services industries, he has helped multiple fortune 500 companies achieve their digital transformation goals. Parashar has spearheaded various solution offerings powered by the Salesforce platform to address key business objectives. He continues to focus on emerging and existing market trends and uses these proficiencies to help organizations accomplish their technological goals.

Gavin Frank

Senior Director of Retail and Consumer Goods, Global Solutions and Ecosystem at Salesforce


Karsten Scherer

Industry Analyst Relations Lead, Fujitsu - Moderator