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The intelligent way to create Smart Factory value

Are you ready for radical change?
The intelligent way to create Smart Factory value.

To help manufacturing customers break through the competing priorities and claims surrounding any Smart Factory project, Fujitsu has refined its experience in manufacturing into a model that can be used by any organization to guide thinking and planning. We focus on the strategic needs of the business and how a Smart Factory can accelerate reaching them. Fujitsu’s approach is to capture expectations ‘from the shop floor to the top floor’.

To start an assessment phase with Fujitsu we offer a Free two-day Explore workshop

Our Smart Factory experts will schedule the workshop with your business stakeholders to understand your challenges, barriers and wishes and align with your business strategy and desired outcomes. Within a few weeks you will have a technology-agnostic assessment of whether to proceed and, if it’s appropriate, how to do it:

  • Heat Map of use cases
  • Transformation Game plan
  • Value Assessment report
  • Decision to Packaged Solution or Co-creation

The time and resource investment for you is low. So is the risk.

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