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Supply chain risk & disruption are increasing - how can CSCOs maintain business goal alignment?

Disruptive events are increasing in frequency and magnitude, impacting supply chain strategy alignment to business goals. Despite this, resistance to change continues to be a challenge - leaving CSCOs between a rock and a hard place.

This latest report from Gartner® takes results from the 2020 Supply Chain Signature Series Risk Survey to uncover the biggest impacts and challenges and provide recommendations for CSCOs to ensure they can continue to achieve business goals in the face of uncertainty.

It's a must read, and includes:

  • The three biggest takeaways from the survey results
  • The key concerns for SC transformation initiatives
  • The impacts CSCOs can expect
  • Recommendations on how to prepare and persevere through disruption 
  • How to maintain alignment during disruption


Access the report now. Available for a limited time.

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