How can HR leaders sustain an inclusive culture that doesn’t divide frontline workers?

In this panel session, we learned how employee experience and value proposition is transforming for frontline and desk workers.

We discussed:

  • How frontline employees want to work in the future and what they need to be productive across a variety of industries
  • Employee and organizational pros and cons of working remotely - we explored the benefits and importantly areas that need further scrutiny, for example, how to recognize and include those with less flexibility in their working patterns
  • How to sustain flexible working and a united culture over the coming months
  • How leading hybrid organizations are reimagining the future of work to increase competitive advantage

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Gretchen Alarcon


VP and GM of Human Resources Management Delivery, ServiceNow

Rebecca Breakell


Culture Change Lead for Work Life Shift, Fujitsu

Gerrie Hawes


Moderator, Corporate Behavioural Psychologist and Future of Work Expert